EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- Who is Swanky?

Swanky Kong is one of the few, unplayable Kongs who has a small role in the Donkey Kong Country series. His wear and attitude make him the perfect and only Kong who can serve as a host for his own created games. His first appearance was in DKC 2 where he hosted his very own game show for the player to win extra lives in. In the follow-up sequel, DKC 3, he ran a circus tent where players tested their baseball throwing skills against Cranky Kong. Prizes included extra lives, bananas, and bear coins.

Years later, in the remakes of both titles, Swanky’s role was generally the same as the originals with a few subtle changes. In DKC 2, he now had Candy Kong as an assistant; in DKC 3, he had a completely new star collecting mini-game that was only available for Dixie Kong. He has had only one appearance outside of the DKC series, and that was a brief cameo in Mario Superstar Baseball. He can be seen on a billboard and his DKC 3 circus tent is on one of the fields.