RUMOR: Fresh Details On Durango, Kinect 2, LiveWall, And More!

On November 18th, 2012, the next generation began with the launch of Nintendo’s Wii U. Rumors have been abound since earlier this year that both Microsoft and Sony are planning to launch their next generation hardware by the end of 2013 and these latest rumors once again point to a Holiday 2013 release. The rumors come from Dual Pixels, a website that accurately leaked details on the Kingdom Hearts HD Collection for Playstation 3 and recent entries in the Castlevania series. Regardless of, they’re still rumors, so take them as you will. Here’s a bullet point list of the most important details as far as the next Xbox is concerned…

  • Will be four-to-six times more powerful than the Wii U and two-to-three times more powerful than the Playstation 4.
  • An official name will not be decided until around the time of E3 2013.
  • Due to manufacturing issues, Durango (codename for the next Xbox) may be “soft launched” in Fall 2013 with a full blowout in the Summer of 2014.
  • All units will include Kinect 2 built into the system. Will be capable of recognizing up to four individuals, all objects in the room, clothing, face structure and fingers. Will also be able to understand different voices.
  • Microsoft will introduce a new accessory in 2014 called LiveWall. LiveWall will allow game environments to be projected nearly 360 degrees around the user. Can also project different images among your houses walls, allowing for games to be played on different walls.
  • Pricing will be within the range of $500, but Microsoft will offer a Pro subscription plan with a two or three year contract to sell the Durango at around $300-$400.
  • Wants the primary Durango chip to be shrinked down enough so that it can be put into tabletss, Smart TVs, and PCs so that all devices are Durango ready.
  • Known first party games in development are as follows: Halo Trilogy remake, Project Gotham Racing, Chief Samurai from Rare, Fable 4, Kinectimals 2, Rise, and Carnival Park.

That’s the Microsoft stuff in a nutshell. There’s plenty of other stuff as well regarding Sony and nice tidbit on the Nintendo side of things indicating that they may be developing a Donkey Kong Land Returns for the 3DS. That would be cool, right? More details at Dual Pixels.