RUMOR: Web Browsing Coming to the Xbox 360

In an unprecedented move coming years after their competition, it seems that Microsoft my finally be bringing web browsing to the Xbox 360. The Verge reports that the browser is a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 and will utilize Kinect (not required) gestures and voice-controls for easy browsing. The Bing functionality that already exists within the 360 Dashboard will also receive a significant upgrade, allowing users the ability to search anything rather than just media. So say, for example, you need a walkthrough for Kameo. Bing it and you will instantly be taken to a list of available websites where a walkthrough is available. It would basically make Bing the same search engine that is available on your PC or Mac today.

There is no official word as of yet for a possible time-frame of release, but more-than-likely it will be available at Microsoft’s annual Fall Dashboard Update, along with the rumored Kinect Play Fit. More details are expected next month at E3.