EXCLUSIVE: The Games Rare May Show At The Xbox Reveal And E3 2013

UPDATE: The Xbox Reveal has come and gone and there was no Rare game revealed on stage… at least not via video or announcement. What we received was rather this very brief tease of something from Rare. And that’s not all! Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview following the event that a historic Rare franchise would be shown at E3! Great news, right? Continue reading for the original story and what games we could potentially expect from Rare next week…

ORIGINAL STORY: It has been about a couple of years now since we’ve had a new game from Rare. Sure, we did receive the Kinect Sports: Ulimate Collection last September, but considering it was a collection of their previously released Kinect Sports titles, I’d hardly consider it a new game. Now it’s no secret that Rare has been developing games for the next generation Xbox, and with its imminent reveal on May 21st and E3 2013 beginning on June 10th, it’s likely that we’ll finally get our first glimpse at what some of those games may be. So based on rumors, subsequent leaks, sales data and so forth, here are the games I believe have the most potential to be announced.

Kinect Sports 3


Ever since the acquisition by Microsoft in 2002, no game from Rare has sold better than Kinect Sports. It has become a very successful franchise for the company having moved well over six million units worldwide. Taking that sales data into consideration, it would be foolish for Rare to abandon the very series that has helped keep them afloat for the past few years. So like it or not, a Kinect Sports 3 is likely to happen.

A New Intellectual Property (I.P.)


This has been all but confirmed… And by none other than Rare themselves. With a single tweet of the above picture, several key employees at the British studio teased one of their new projects and not a single word needed to be spoken. Take notice of the silhouettes of the characters that have helped to define Rare from the 1980s to the present day–then take heed to the question mark at the end. A new I.P. is coming, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what it could be. Perhaps that rumored island-based game with Pixar-like graphics?

Project Gotham Racing 5 Or Other Racing Title


Image via OXM

Rumors have been suggesting for a while now that Rare could either be fully developing or assisting the development of the next Project Gotham Racing title. There is leaked artwork showing cars illustrated by a former Rare artist and more than a few individuals hired in the past year with experience in the racing genre. Of course, it’s also not a genre that Rare is new to having created their own successful racers with R.C. Pro-Am, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Pilot and Mickey’s Speedway USA. So a racing title is certainly not out of the question.

Killer Instinct 3


It was one of the most interesting and shocking revelations of last year. In September of 2012, Microsoft publicly announced the renewal of the Killer Instinct trademark. They wouldn’t bother to officially announce it were they not at least planning to use the property. Couple that with the fact that they were denied the renewal then actually went through the trouble to reach an agreement to use the property afterwards speaks volumes about the brand. Fans have been waiting seventeen years for a Killer Instinct comeback, and all signs now indicate that it’s return is inevitable.

Jet Force Gemini


Amongst last year’s string of hiring at Rare, the one that stood out the most was them searching for individuals who have had “a successful history of releasing exceptional AAA games and these will ideally be in the Action/Adventure or FPS genre but this is not essential”. Jet Force Gemini would certainly fall under that category and couple that with their odd inclusion of Jet Force Gemini characters in a Minecraft Skinpack and you’ve an interesting theory to work with. Read this article for plenty of evidence as to why a revival of Rare’s sci-fi interstellar space adventure is a likely possibility!

There are any number of games that Rare could be developing, but the ones briefly touched upon above are the most likely. What game are you hoping above all others that could surface at the Xbox Reveal and/or E3? Sound off in the comments below and discuss it with us in the forums!