EXCLUSIVE: A Recap of 2012 and a Glimpse of What’s Ahead for 2013!

EXCLUSIVE: A Recap of 2012 and a Glimpse of What’s Ahead for 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! 2012 has come and gone and 2013 has begun! It’s the end of the first year for RFDB after its rebranding from Rare-Elite and relaunch on May 5th. I just want to thank you all for the support throughout the year and I’m really looking forward to continuing to deliver more content, the latest news, more new features and exclusives. Thank you all once again for everything!

So now that 2012 has concluded, what all did Rare deliver to their fans? In terms of new software, we didn’t really get anything aside from the Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection which combined both Kinect Sports titles and their DLC into one nice package. Three packs of DLC for Kinect Sports: Season Two were released early in the year and we received nineteen Rare themed Minecraft skins featuring characters from many Rare franchises such as Banjo-Kazooie,Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Conker, Jet Force Gemini and more!

Aside from Rare themselves, there was some great games released from former Rare veterans, all of which were released exclusively for iOS devices. Wil and Ed Bryan continued to revolutionize fun educational children’s apps with their work at Nosy Crow; Crash Lab released a tough and challenging game with Twist Pilot and a currently exclusive-to-parts-of-Europe movie based game called The Snowman and the Snowdog with a worldwide release coming next year: and of course Chris Seavor and his new game studio, Gory Detail Limited, gave us the awesome Parashoot Stan.

That’s pretty much 2012 in a nutshell, so what can we expect from 2013? Well rumors all but suggest that the Xbox 720/Durango will be releasing this Holiday Season and we know from Rare’s massive hiring last year that they are deep into development on it. Kinect Sports 3, a new action/adventure title (that might be a new Jet Force Gemini) and Chief Samurai are a few of the rumored games they’re working on. Microsoft also publicly announced they were renewing the Killer Instinct trademark. They were denied it, however, to the distraught of us all but that would unlikely lead to any cease of development, assuming there was any to begin with.

What do you all think? Were you satisfied with the Rare and ex-Rare content that we received last year? What are your hopes and expectations for 2013? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: A Recap of 2012 and a Glimpse of What’s Ahead for 2013!

  1. SpongicX

    No, I was not happy with Rare. I haven’t been happy with a Rare game since Viva Pinata 2 (2007!) Let’s face it, As long as the a-holes from Microsoft own Rare and don’t give them free will, we’re screwed. They might as well change their names to “Common” because there’s nothing “Rare” about the crap Microsoft forces them to make. I just wish former Rare developers could form up again and work with Nintendo somehow, they could make more DK games, and I also wish Microsoft would hand over all their abused and neglected Rare franchises to Nintendo, once they do that, they’ll hopefully realize how stupid they were for denying Rare’s creativity when Nintendo starts raking in the dough from the icons of Banjo, Conker, Kameo, etc.

    1. Amy

      What has MS forced Rare to make besides Kinect Sports?

      Nuts & Bolts was Grant Kirkhopes 3rd Idea for banjo (hes the creator of banjo and he thought the other two were meh if i remember reviews correctly.)
      Viva Pinata was the last game of tim and chris Stamper the founders of rare.
      Kameo, Perfect Dark were both set for gamecube and then xbox then 360 for release.

      and the kinect focus was due to the fact that Rare games werent selling.

      Though I do remember reading how MS really wanted Rare to make a banjo game since teh day they bought them and that they pushed them to make one eventually… so I guess you can say MS forced Banjo on Rare as well.

      1. Nation of Masturbation

        Gregg Mayles is the creator of Banjo-Kazooie, Grant Kirkhope supported the voice acting for Mumbo Jumbo and the Jinjos, as well as composing the music score for the game. ;)

        1. Amy

          Sorry I ment Mayles…. silly me N&B was kirkhopes last game at Rare

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