Mumbo Monday

Mumbo Monday is a monthly editorial that will be covering the wonderful adventure and platforming titles from Rare’s rich history. With so many amazing games such as Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Donkey Kong Country and many more, there will always be an interesting topic to discuss.  Join us every month and let’s reminisce on them all together!

May 2012: Who is Mumbo Jumbo?
June 2012: Is Donkey Kong Country a Better Game than Super Mario World?
July 2012: Was Donkey Kong 64 the Ultimate Collect-a-thon?
August 2012: Minecarting Mayhem
September 2012: The Ultimate Partnership, Banjo and Kazooie
October 2012: The Importance of Jungle Hijinx
November 2012: Would Banjo-Kazooie Be A Good Fit On The Wii U?
December 2012: The Award Winning Mumbo’s Wand
January 2013: Where is the Rare Platformer?
February 2013: The Non-Linear Jiggy Collecting of Banjo-Kazooie
March 2013: The Amaz-O-Gaze Goggles
April 2013: Training in Spiral Mountain
May 2013: Happy Stop N Swop Easter