Swanky Saturday

Swanky Saturday is a monthly editorial where we will be discussing the fun and games featured in many of Rare’s titles. Like Zombie Darts in Kinect Sports: Season Two? How about the clever puzzles in It’s Mr. Pants? Or, naturally, Swanky’s quiz show in Donkey Kong Country 2? There are those and so, so much more to discuss here every month on Swanky Saturday!

May 2012: Who is Swanky?
June 2012: Quizzical Fun with Gruntilda Winkybunion
July 2012: Kinect Sports Bowling and You
August 2012: Kinect Sports on the Table
September 2012: Fishing with Funky
October 2012: Cranky Kong’s Dojo
November 2012: When Pinvaders Attack
December 2012: Mr. Vile the Crocodile
January 2013: Expresso Racing
February 2013: Kinect Sports’ Impossible Javelin Throw
March 2013: The Twinkly Challenges
April 2013: Bothered By Beavers
May 2013: The Many Challenges Of Nuts & Bolts