Wizpig Wednesday

Wizpig Wednesday is a monthly editorial that covers anything and everything that has ever involved racing in a Rare title. Diddy Kong Racing, R.C. Pro AM, Banjo Pilot and even Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts ‘n Bolts are but a few of the titles up for discussion, so join us every month and we’ll race our way through some enduring and interesting chats!

May 2012: Who is Wizpig?
June 2012: Diddy Kong Racing’s Magical Codes
July 2012: The Origins of R.C. Pro-Am
August 2012: How Rare Brought R.C. Pro-Am to the 21st Century
September 2012: How Diddy Kong Racing is More Competitive Than Mario Kart
October 2012: Would Sabreman Stampede Have Succeeded?
November 2012: Kinect Sports’ 100-Meter Dash
December 2012: Would Wizpig Have Returned in Donkey Kong Racing?
January 2013: The 3-Step Weapons Of Diddy Kong Racing
February 2013: Why The Lack Of Kongs in Diddy Kong Racing?
March 2013: Was Sonic All-Stars Racing: Transformed Inspired By Diddy Kong Racing?
April 2013: Banjo Pilot’s Playable Character Stats
May 2013: Diddy Kong Racing’s Hidden Keys